Broken Hill Or Bust Pt. 1

Part One: Melbourne to Mildura

I do love road trips… the fun of planning, packing, looking at new things out of the window along the way… the different cuisine or lifestyle when you get there.

… and while this one, our great ‘Broken Hill or Bust’ goal,  was still a great success.. travelling with a nine yr old does limit your patience ‘chi’ a tad.. they talk.. constantly… and while we didn’t hear one single “are we there yet” or “how much further” (having been pre warned under sentence of dumping by the roadside ahh no ice creams for a day) we still had constant fidgeting, rustling of lolly bags (maybe it was the sugar high) and many “I’m thirsty, hungry” on the long legs.. next time.. leave short person at home, or plan shorter hops, six hours in a car is just too much for a kid to bear 🙂

We were all up by 6am and were on the road by 7am  Friday morning in horrible drizzling rain and rugged up in warm clothes….Our first overnight stop was Mildura which we hoped to make by 1.30pm giving us time to take a paddle steamer cruise… with stopping every couple of hours for coffee, photo or loo breaks we soon realised we had greatly estimated our travel times that wasnt going to work, our paddle steamer cruise would have to be next day.  The weather got better as we headed further north, but the wind was chilly so the coats never came off until we were almost at Mildura, but from there on, we were basking in sunny skies and warm weather the rest of the trip.



Once we arrived at our accom to encounter the first major hiccup.. our booking wasnt on the books.  I always travel with my accom confirmations printed and on my paperwork we were def due, on theirs .. no.  However the lovely proprietor did have ONE room left and made us very comfortable and welcome.  Going on the the confuddle with that booking, just to be safe, I phoned ahead to Broken Hill and we weren’t expected there either!  To compound the issue, they were fully booked… however they did accommodate us in another holiday rental owned by a relative so we didnt end up driving all that way and sleeping rough.

Accommodation issues resolved we were soon in sleeveless tops and sipping chilled wine.. short person headed for the pool and came back very quickly later throwing a hissy fit slightly disgruntled that she couldn’t swim in it as it needed cleaning after the previous nights storm.  We headed into town that night for dinner and dined at Stefano’s near the Mildura Wharf.  Staff were lovely and accommodating (something we found all across our travels was lovely staff and service people).

My travelling companion on this trip was #1 sister and as she had been ill with the flu and tummy troubles leading up to the trip we decided to play it ‘safe’ menu wise and had the dipping bread with oil and balsamic, followed by calamari and garden salad, with the obligatory Savignon. Short person ordered the child’s eye fillet with salad. Our meal was lovely – but nothing to write home about (yet I write here lol).  Child’s steak was cooked well done but we assumed that being a child they figured they wouldn’t like it rarer so we gave them a pass on that… calamari was nice and tender…service attentive.  We were well and truly fed, watered and tired out from the long day and were all in bed lights out by 9.30pm


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