Broken Hill Or Bust Pt. 5

Menindee to Mildura

After the wind and overcast day yesterday at the Menindee Lakes,  we awoke to a gentle breeze and brilliant sunshine, and, as it was our second to last day, and the next morning would be in ‘civilisation’ of Mildura we decided to cook up the last of our supplies for breakfast… Fried eggs, Tomatoes and toast… I cooked, short person was ‘toast girl’.. sister had a rare lie in…After we had eaten and cleaned up we headed off around 8.30… into the ‘town’ of Menindee, turn right at the General store with no bread, past the supermarket with no meat… turn right again and head towards Wentworth.

Pooncarie Road (26)
About 10kms out we hit dirt road… and except for the excellently bitumen cattle grids, it stayed like that all the way until we were about 6kms out of Pooncarie – 106 kms of dirt road!

We saw almost no road kill for the first 50kms .. obviously because the speed you needed to drive at ensured you had time to avoid anything!  Saw lots of emu’s in scrub beside the road – had to stop a couple of times to allow them to pass…We were sitting there in the car (in the middle of the road) snapping away for so long they got curious and started walking towards us.

These were the only two live roo’s we saw  on our entire trip… and thats not a driveway.. thats the road we were travelling on!  They were sitting in the middle of the road and we stopped till they took off. We made it into Pooncarie.. and sealed roads about 10.30 – took nearly two hours to do 120kms… stopped off at the cafe for a coffee.. the road rally people were there again too…this time it was the Bourke Ambo’s …before heading off again to Mildura.. this time on sealed roads all the way.

Perry Sandhills

Perry Sandhills

Perry Sandhills

We arrived in Wentworth around 1pm and decided to detour to the Perry Sandhills for a picnic lunch…We sat under this large river red gum… in the shade of the canopy actually, because the trunk of it is buried in the sand dunes, it was just beautiful there.. silent.. quite spiritual with nature vibes… it was very easy to visualise what it would have been like a couple hundred years ago as Burke and Wills came past…

According to geologists, the Perry Sandhills originated after an ice age (40,000 years ago) and are formed by wind erosion over thousands of years. The dunes are located six kilometres outside of Wentworth and are a unique land formation of 400 acres of continuously shifting sand dunes


Perry Sandhills

Perry Sandhills (22)

Perry Sandhills

After lunch we headed into Mildura.. back to the Mildura Motor Inn.. pool was clean and open so short person was straight off for a swim… we all showered a ton of the Perry Sandhills off us…put on our glad rags and headed into town for a last night dinner.. we had spotted a restaurant earlier in the day called Rendezvous and decided to go there.. they had a lovely outdoor dining area and the menu looked was better than good.. food was exceptional.  We started with Warm turkish bread accompanied with house made dukkah, Robinvale Estate olive oil & lemon lebna (knocked the Stefano’s bread and dipping sauce out of the park) followed by Veal chops (short person had the childs eye fillet again but requested ‘medium rare’ when she ordered)  our meals were to die for…. would go back to Mildura again just to eat there lol.  We then ordered two desserts and three spoons to finish the night off… Warm Chocolate berry pudding served with a raspberry ice cream & topped with a hot chocolate fudge sauce and Chocolate Indulgence .. Chocolate cake, choc mousse, choc icecream, chock fairy floss cream… yummmo!!
After that meal we all rolled back to our room… lights out and goodnight….
Menindee to Mildura

Menindee to Mildura

 Our last day was a straight run home …..


With alarming regularity we were awake early… sister and I read in bed while short person snored away till we woke her at 7.30 – packed the car and out the door by 8am.. breakfast at McDonalds… (hot cakes) then in the car and home… we stopped in Sea Lake for average coffee and cake.. then continued on.. Inglewood we picked up excellent fish and chips which we ate in the car while we drove.. and arrived home safe and sound at 3pm

In total (city to city not counting smaller trips to dinner and sightseeting) we did 1820 kms…..
Fabulous holiday… great company… already planning the next one 🙂
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  1. Ruth July 14, 2015 at 10:27 am #

    Hi. Just come across your blog. Loved these five posts about your road trip. Great photos, info and laughs. Like your writing style. I moved to Tas back in April, from UK. Husband from Sydney originally. I enjoy learning about Victoria so I can add to plans when we head over to the mainland.

    • Bevlea Ross July 14, 2015 at 7:45 pm #

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment Ruth. I hope you find the posts helpful… I try to write them as guide to those who like to travel 🙂

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