Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Sherbrooke

 Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Sherbrooke is one of our favourite gardens, we had been there in summer, and resolved then to come back in Autumn and get all the fabulous English trees ‘turning’.

Expecting to spend most of the day there we packed the camera’s and a nice picnic lunch with cakes and wine and off we went…..
The gardens are in the Dandenong Ranges.. and as stunning as the gardens are… the property is hilly and steep.  Very!  by the time we got back to the car I was wishing we packed and oxygen tent instead of the wine ….but we drank it anyway, sitting on the tail gate of the car sipping wine while everyone else that was going back to their cars looked just as winded and puffed as we were.

Originally named Burnham Beeches it was built in the 1920’s owned by Alfred Nicholas  the ‘Aspro’ magnate…the beautiful gardens cover about 13 acres and feature tree ferns, mountain ash trees, lakes and waterfalls walking all the way down to the ornamental lake you come to a small series of islands connected by the end of one is a small boathouse….

the gardens are alive all season long with masses of plantings… …we had hoped to photograph the gardens as the leaves turned.. but the unseasonably warm weather had kept everything green…. we decided on the way out that we would have to back again next year, but much later in autumn….

the gardens are definitely worth a visit… but plan your day well… there is no cafe onsite so you need to carry everything in if you plan to eat there… bins are scarce so we carried our rubbish around for a while too until we found one.  And bear in mind… its a long way back up!  take the paths… they are easier than the steps!  As you can see from the images, we didnt leave it late enough in autumn to get the shots we wanted, so another trip is planned for the future.

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