Wye River

After months of planning, bookings, revised dates with life of the middle aged intruding, Lucy and I finally got away for our BFF weekend to Wye River the first week of December.

As is the way, the weekend we were due to go originally in October was glorious.. sunny, mild, a great weekend to be alive.  The weekend we went was overcast, wet (very wet), cold, and one to remind us its best to stay rugged up at home.

We drove to Lorne with a brief stop to stretch the legs and photograph the entrance ..

Great Ocean Road Entrance Arch

Great Ocean Road Entrance Arch

After leaving Lorne, we eventually arrived at the Big 4 Holiday village in Wye River , I say eventually as I think we broke our record for U turns.  Once there, we booked in and then got lost INSIDE the Holiday village… it sounded simple enough, drive on through the gate, turn left, then left at our ‘street’ Currawong Way..  how many times can you do a U turn in a caravan park? LOTS.

The sign for our street was non-existent.  The numbers didn’t run logically.  Watched by the increasingly curious gazes of other cabin dwellers, all who seemed to know where THEY lived we drove around, and around, and around.  On our last U turn before asking for help we tried a street with no name and found our home!

Kookaburra doesnt only sit in the old gum tree

Kookaburra doesn’t only sit in the old gum tree

Once parked, unpacked and settled in we starting ‘arting’.  Our goal was to complete some dolls that Lucy’s hubby John had cut from MDF (like Mary Jane Chadbourne’s class).  We had a scouting party on the deck later that afternoon… who totally turned his nose up at the sourdough bread.

Next morning brought the abundance of wildlife we were to see all weekend.. birds, koalas, kangaroos.. we spent loads of time on our deck feeding the visitors.. first thing in the morning we were up and out of bed, coffee in hand, bread bag tucked under the arm to wait for the ‘guests’


Australian King Parrot


Which Lucy feed from hand after much trepidation

Saturday we braved the cold and went for a walk around Maits Rest before the rain drove us back to the cabin


Maits Rest



Ferns at Maits Rest

the highlight of our weekend was a visiting Koala.. he/she came by saturday afternoon and stayed till monday morning…

Stand aside, coming through



How much rain can a Koala bear?



By Sunday morning the word had got out… free buffet at Cabin #19

We didn’t see half the things we planned to see.. but had a great time.. and got some art done….just two dolls… the one on the left is mine, and Lucy’s is the one on the right


Our two art dolls (mine on left, Lucy’s on right)

This last pic was taken Monday morning before we left, and yes, as you can see it was still overcast, wet and foggy when we left.. so much for playing it safe and going in December!

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  1. Lucy July 28, 2015 at 9:34 am #

    Fabulous photos Bevlea! A wonderful time was had by all, both humans, bird
    I’fe & “our koala”

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