King River Weekend

Inspired by Woolworth’s Christmas propaganda warm and fuzzy advertising of happy families all gathering to bask in each others company  our big weird mob, decided to stage our own gathering.

I chose the location, one that was big enough to take us all, but at bargain basement price and in January, over the Australia Day Weekend,  we all (grownups, kids and dogs included)  headed inland to the King Valley for a weekend at King River Camp.



It was hubby’s birthday, as well as the Australia Day weekend so it was a good excuse for a big family gathering.  We decided to forgo the boring drive up the Hume Hwy and go via the back way through Yea and Mansfield.. no longer in distance, but more picturesque. We briefly stopped in Bonnie Doon for lunch and brief break before continuing on.

Once past Mansfield the road climbed and narrowed.. it wasnt as hairy as the Great Alpine Way, but there was plenty of cloud and misting rain to make it a very attractive, though s slow enough drive for some of us. Would have loved to stop and take a pic of the mist and clouds over the valley but there was no where to pull over…  By the time we got back down into the King Valley the sun was shining and rain has moved on… and we arrived at the King River Camp mid afternoon.

(part of) Our Mob

(part of) Our Mob

We were a big group of five families and took over the cottage and one of the lodges.  Accommodation is comfortable and roomy but its not five star, if you are expecting luxury you are in the wrong place.  Unfortunately it never occurred to any of us to take a group photo.. I have to work on getting into family holiday picture mode lol


The kids loved paddling in the river

The scenery and surrounds are quite beautiful.. the King River courses through the property and the kids were all either at the river or racing around on bikes all weekend..

Miss Maggie supervising the 'shoot' King River

Miss Maggie supervising the ‘shoot’ King River

Nothing is as tenancious as a blade of grass

Nothing is as tenancious as nature

Powers Lookout is only half an hour away and we took a side trip up there on the saturday afternoon… as the song goes, I can see for miles and miles and miles


Just down the road is Lake William Hovell… while the idea was for the guys to fish that weekend – no one caught anything, however several worms drowned in the name of male bonding.

Lake William Hovell

Lake William Hovell

We left on the Monday morning to head home… being waved off by our lovely hosts Glenda and Geoff.  We decided to come home via Glenrowan and down the Hume thinking it would be quicker.. no, no, no, no, NO.  Never again.. will use the back way each time.. while it may have been quicker its such a bum and brain numbing boring drive it seemed to take forever.  I had never done the big family getaway before.. but it was fun, and I’d def do it again.


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  1. Glenda July 5, 2015 at 5:41 pm #

    HI GF, Great all the posts. I need to get and visit some of the places you have posted about. hugs Gxxx

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