The Battle, Woolongong Harbour

The Battle, Woolongong Harbour: September 7th: 13:15hrs

A life and death battle was taking place out on the water of Woolongong Harbour.  People strolled along the promenades, sat and sipped chilled wine in the noon day sun.  Children ran, laughed and frolic’d at the waters edge.  All oblivious and unaware of the struggle taking place just metres from them.

While vastly outnumbered, and much smaller than the ravenous prey, the victim fought valiantly and without giving an inch. At times it looked like the ‘little guy’ would emerge victorious with a tale of bravery and survival for the evening news… sadly, that wasn’t case.  Survival of the fittest wins again.


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  1. Ruth September 18, 2015 at 5:20 pm #

    Lovely words. We have shags outside our windows and their antics are entertaining. But we also see the food chain in practice when they catch a meal.

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