Warburton Jam

Being a card-carrying introvert (not same as shy or reclusive)  I do not make friends quickly or easily, and need my space and quiet times.  I have often joked you could hold my wake in a phone box.  So, one of the totally unexpected consequences of joining a FB photography group was the friends I made.  Thus so it came to pass that hubby and I, along with two other couples headed up to Warburton on Queens Birthday Weekend for some photography and light painting.

We all met up on the saturday afternoon for drinks, with Bill and Deanne Holmer (Melbourne Light Painting) filling us in on what they had planned.  Bill and Deanne are probably Melbourne’s most well-known and experienced light painters, and have been honing their skills for about the last 5 years.  “What do you want to do they asked” (cue a blank look from me, like I could suggest anything they hadn’t thought of).  Putting myself in their hands (no, not the same as passing the buck) we headed out to dinner at the Alpine Retreat Hotel before driving off down dark, narrow, muddy, dirt roads to the Redwood Forest.

While is hasn’t been quite as damp as Atlantis.. Melbourne has been very wet and very cold the last week. The Warburton redwood forest was soggy, and with light rain falling even while we worked it was decided that apart from LEDs the steel wool would also be safe to do.  Bill started off with orbs and vortexes, moved onto turning hubby into an alien…(not a stretch).  Julie brought out the horse head and rabbits head…

Next morning we decided to head up to the Rainforest Gallery .. .stunning lush, green, damp, mossy, lichen rainforest up Mount Donna Buang Road.  The loop walk is pretty easy… there are steps but nothing that is hard…

Rainforest Gallery

We passed through trees hundreds of years old, dripping with mosses, dotted with fungi and came to the stream that was rushing with a torrent of water after recent rains.  The board walks are metal gratings.. so even in abundant rain they weren’t slippery, and even with my prodigious talent for falling up stairs, we completed the walk an hour later unscathed.

Leaving the rainforest we headed up the hill to scope out Mount Donna Buang… site of our planned light painting shoot that night. The drive up was beautiful, passing through pockets of mist and low-lying clouds


Mount Donna Buang Road

Mount Donna Buang Road

Arriving at the top we found they had a dusting of snow the night before.. and patchy pockets still covered the grass with the trees shrouded in misty fog


That evening we headed back up the hill again… around 9pm it was 1C at the top… rugged up in thermals and two coats (thanks Bill) we stood at the top of the mountain for a couple of hours shooting the tower they had envisaged it,  to be put together later as a composite.  Editing was fun (NOT) with around 19 layer masks to put it all together… all my layers were just a tad off (think I need a sturdier tripod) and while not 100% happy with the final image…its something I hadn’t achieved before, and  I look forward to repeating it again in future.. and doing it better.

Orb and Steel Wool Composite

Orb and Steel Wool Composite

If  you have ever had a hankering to grab the steel wool and your mums egg whisk… don’t!  Its dangerous, and requires a special skill set.. plus being extra mindful of your surroundings and carrying fire extinguishers in case of spot fires… safer, to enjoy a night with the professionals and learn what to do properly, rather than venture out on your own aided only by Dr Google.  Bill and Deanne run lots of events… join one!

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  1. Glenda June 17, 2016 at 12:45 am #

    Awesome GF.

  2. Lucy June 19, 2016 at 7:00 pm #

    Great photos Bevlea!

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