Burlesque Pole Bunnies

A few weeks ago I was invited by a friend to join  her on a shoot.  The subject was Burlesque Pole Bunnies.  Mmmmmm, sounds different and interesting… I’m in!

The date finally rolled around and we all met at the Head Bunny’s house where the hair and makeup would be done.  A bit of behind the scenes shooting and makeup shots, getting the know the girls bunnies a little…and then we headed off to our location – Pole Divas in Caroline Springs. 

burlesque pole bunnies


Pole dancing is a form of performing art, historically associated with strip clubs and night clubs, which combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole.  The art is practised by enthusiasts in gyms and in dedicated dance studios and is becoming a popular hens night activity.  Amateur and professional pole dancing competitions are also held in many countries around the world.  With venues such as Pole Divas opening up across victoria it’s becoming more recognisable and popular.

Pole dance requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance.   The dancer uses athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and body inversions using the limbs to grip. Upper body and core strength is essential as is rigorous training.

 Thanks to Kitty and Natalie, for being great sports, and allowing the use of your images. 

Concept/styling: Isabeau Hunter

Models: Kitty McKenzie Johnson and Natalie Martens

Hair/Makeup: C&C Hair and Makeup


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