Waterfalls of Victoria

Alongside the decaying abandoned locations my second, (equal) great photographic love is waterfalls.  I will drive miles to see one, and when going on a trip I research and hunt for any waterfalls along our route.

 Some waterfalls have no base access.. and while this does save my legs it’s not my favourite POV for waterfalls,  I much prefer to photograph from the base of the falls as opposed to a lookout at the top.  Part 2 is Waterfalls of Queensland
Note: This page is a work in progress…. as I visit a new waterfall I will update it.

Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls from lower viewing platform

Paradise Falls is 17 km from Whitfield via Cheshunt.  It’s often dry, but after heavy or steady rain you get a nice flow.  The day we visited, while it was lovely and sunny, was following several days of rain and there were two streams coming over the top.  If visiting, don’t bother with summer… winter and spring are best.   From the car park walk down the walk path for 200m to the Paradise Falls viewing platform. The track is of easy grade and includes some steps.  You can continue on to the viewing platform base of the falls… its steep but not too bad. 

Paradise Falls from behind

Once on the platform you can go through the gap between the lookout and cliffs…then hug the cliffs and head up and across to get behind the falls.  Its a bit of a goat track, but there are no signs saying you shouldnt do it, and lots were. From behind the falls you are under the overhang… the size of it is massive… (see the ant like people on the left to get an idea of perspective).  Above is a ten shot pano taken looking out (5 shots, 2 rows)

Steavonsons Falls

Steavensons Falls

Steavensons Falls at Marysville are another of the very pretty and easily accessed waterfalls.  An easy walk from the car park brings you to the viewing platform facing the falls. The waterfalls are 121ft high with 5 separate drops.  There are several paths from the lookout taking you to other vantage points including one that takes you to the top of the falls.  All the infrastructure was lost during the Black Saturday bushfires but viewing platforms, toilets etc have since been rebuilt.


Tooronga Falls

Tooronga Falls

Tooronga Falls is in Noojee, which has the dubious honour of being the wettest place in Victoria.  We visited in October and the water coming over the top was impressive.  The car park at Tooronga Falls reserve is quite large with picnic and toilet facilities.  We even noticed people camping there, so the amenities are good.  The waterfall itself is an anomaly.  Every other waterfall I have visited is either close to car park or a lot of steps downhill to the falls.  This was a lot of steps uphill to the falls with a downhill return.  The track is quite good.. hardened earth and solid steps.. lots of steps.. but worth it.  When you get to the top you come out on a lovely viewing platform close to and right in front of the falls.  You can continue on to Amphitheatre Falls as the loop brings you back to the car park but we were worn out from the walk up and retraced our steps back to the car park.

Woolshed Falls

Woolshed Falls

Woolshed Falls, Beechworth.  spectacular after heavy rain, and flowing well when we visited in September.  Located in Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park and just ten minutes out of Beechworth, there is an ample car park with toilets and picnic facilities.  There are two lookouts.. the one to the left from the car park goes to a fenced lookout with good view of the falls.  Take the path down from the car park you come to the rocky area in the pic above and can walk around the rocks to get closer.  The rocks can be slippery though… two of our group fell over but no serious injuries.

Erskine Falls

Victorian Waterfalls

Erskine Falls


Erskine Falls  in Lorne is a strenuous 320 steps up and down (the count may be a step or two off as I was near collapse by the time I got back up). Once at the bottom you have a great view of the waterfall from the lookout in front with nice rocks forming a leading line in.

Agnes Falls

Agnes Falls

 Agnes Falls  in Toora Vic is also very close to the car park and just a slight walk downhill.  You can’t get to the bottom but the lookout is just below the precipice so you are almost level with the water going over.  It’s also not a deep straight drop, rather its lots of rocky cascades so the angle you are at is quite good.  When we visited it had been raining the day before and the rain started again as I was shooting so it was flowing very well.

Broken Falls

Broken Falls 2013

Broken Falls in the Grampians is another easy walk, from the car park its a short sealed walk which is steep… but its short, and wheelchair or pram suitable.  You can continue on to the base of McKenzies falls on a 2km return…but its a LONG way down, with signs warning to only take the descent if you were fit, and with Erskine Falls fresh in my memory, I chickened out. 

Broken Falls 2016

Originally Broken Falls was a short, not as steep, dirt walk from the kiosk by the car park.  The bushfires of 2014 decimated a lot of the area and the kiosk, walkways, toilets etc were some of the casualties.  The waterfalls walk area has been rebuilt by Parks Vic. and the original lookout area has been relocated to the sealed walk with a slight different view aspect with the lookout to the side instead of at the front as in was in 2013.

Hopetoun Falls

Hopetoun Falls in February

Hopetoun Falls,  near Beech Forest in the Otways is an excellent all year waterfall though it certainly flows much better in the winter and spring months.  A short walk from the small car park brings you to the upper lookout where you get a nice view of the falls.

Hopetoun Falls from Upper Lookout in June

Hopetoun Falls in June

If you continue on down the stairs you come to a reasonably flat boardwalk that takes you to the lookout at the base of the falls.  The lookout is safely fenced off  (though its easy to go around the side and down to the river) and has a bench, though it’s usually wet all the time from rain or waterfall spray. 

Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls, also near Beech Forest and not far from Hopetoun Falls,  has three falls that cascade over a lush rainforest into the valley. There isn’t always three streams flowing as its depending on rainfall, but it seems that most of the time there are at least two (and it rains a lot in the otways). 

Triplet Falls – 2 Streams

There were two streams the day we were there, but trees blocked our view of the other and it was only possible to photograph one stream.

Trentham Falls

Trentham Falls in August

Trentham Falls lookout is only an easy 70 meters from the car park.  There is a goat track down to the base with danger signs posted not to use it, but no one was paying attention to the sign the I was there.  We have been there in summer and it was just a trickle.. certainly much better in August.

Hopkins Falls

Hopkins Falls

Hopkins Falls is in Allansford, just 15km from Warnambool.. It’s handy to the car park, but the base of the falls is on private property.  You are allowed to access it, just respect that you are on private land.

The curtain like falls are 90 metres wide and plunges 12 metres over dark basalt rocks.  There are two viewing platforms overlooking the falls and  the super easy path from the platform to the base is postcard-worthy. The falls apparently best in winter (we were there in April).  In winter also  look for baby eels jumping the rocky ledges during their winter migration.


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