Springbrook National Park – Day 5

Murphys Law was running true to form as we’d had four days of misty, cloudy mornings up at O’Reillys.. and the day we left to head to the Natural Bridge it was blue skies and bright sunshine… waterfalls are never good in bright sunshine.

Grass Tree

We set off back down the winding, narrow road to Canungra and then diverted off to Springbrook arriving around 11am.  The walk to the Natural Bridge is a loop… with the recommendation to do it in a clockwise direction or else you have a  lot of stairs coming back up…. we were still worn out (and hot) by the time we got back up, but doing it clockwise was definitely better. There were a lot of steps going down,  I would not have liked to do all those stairs in reverse!

Natural Bridge

By the time we got to the Natural Bridge the sun was high in the sky, and the rock opening was being hit but loads of sun.  It totally blew out the highlights even with 5 image HDR stack. We  did find some interesting mushrooms growing on a log on the way back…..

Mushrooms at Springbrook NP

Mushrooms at Springbrook NP

Leaving the Natural Bridge we turned left instead of right and a few kms down the road came to the border… quick photo stop before we turned around 🙂

At the border.. NSW side

At the border – Qld side – no welcome signs?

We stopped for a quick lunch and then headed to the ‘Best Of All Lookout’, yep they really called it that.  The walk to the lookout was an easy 350 metres through the rainforest….

Best Of All Lookout

Our last stop before we headed down to Surfers Paradise was Goomahlara Falls.  It’s a look but don’t touch type fall… an easy 200m walk from the carpark brings you to a little lookout with the waterfall off to the side, and you cant get to the bottom.  Totally crappy point of view for a photo.  Heading back the path to the carpark Carole left the path, and we headed through the scrub to the stream…Goomahlara Falls, which made a much nicer shot 🙂

Goomahlara Falls

……………..the edge of the rocks drops off to a sheer cliff, so this was as close as we went.  From here we headed down to our apartment in Surfers for the next four nights. We had chosen one with a city view and I was hoping to get some nice night shots… and maybe a timelapse……


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