Queenslands Gold Coast

After four days and nights up in the Hinterlands of Mt Tamborine we finally arrived back in the hustle and bustle of the city.  We had booked an apartment in Surfers Paradise between the sea and the Nerang River.  We quickly found that traffic in surfers is terrible!.  So many cars and people, and lights that take ages to change.  Drivers tooting each other at lights to move if you dont take off quickly, lest they be stuck there for another ten years waiting for the lights to change. 

Morning on the Gold Coast

We checked into our apartment then headed over to Coles for supplies….. we were only about 5 mins walk from the shops and restaurants so the location was great.  We made a meal of roast chook, chips and salad and then sat on our balcony watching the world go by… the rides (and screams) from the slingshot ride on the block opposite…..and the antics of the people in the apartment opposite 😉

Secret Lives

yep, I’d scream too

That light trail up the centre is the little pod the people are in…. it flings them up like a giant rubber band… and back down….. and back up…. and back down……no thanks 😀  The other ride with the long arm has cabin of sorts at each end… and it spins in a circle while the cabin rotates and swivels around… double no thanks…

Surfers at Night

After driving down from the mountain and wandering around Springbrook on what turned out to be a very warm day we both packed it in and were in bed by about 9.30pm ready for a day at SeaWorld and Whale Watching tomorrow

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