The Addams Family Shoot

Following on from earlier themed shoots I took part in, we decided to run one of our own… but what theme?  We had several ideas in mind,  but inspiration came one night when I was at a light painting shoot with Bill and Deanne Holmer from Melbourne Light Painting. Bill was attaching sparklers together for the next shot, and he put the torch in his mouth to free his hands up for the job….Uncle Fester!!……..and we had our theme.

Deanne and I set about gathering the photographers, with that in place we all came up with a cast of characters…we decided to set it around Halloween due to the plethora of props and the like avail at that time….

The Addams Family Revisited – with Thing

Costumes were planned and created over the following months… Deanne had a wedding gown we could use… so we grew to include a bride and groom… then we had to have a bridesmaid……props made and sourced… we scoured around for a suitable studio, found one, it fell through, moved onto the next one.  At the last minute we ‘lost’ our groom so we did a cast change with our current lurch swapping to the groom and Bill stepping in as the new Lurch… Roy even went as far as shaving off his beard for the role!  All in all, a lot of fun, and well worth the work that went into it

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Bevlea Ross

Website  Facebook Rusty-Ramblers

Deanne Holmer

Deanne Holmer Photography  Instagram  Deanne Holmer

Mark Busuttil

Instagram markatmelb photography Facebook  MarkatMelb-Photography

Julie Powell

Website – Facebook juliepowellphotos/ and juliepowelldigitalartistry/

Suzanne Balding

Facebook  ShotbySuzanneB Website Shot By Suzanne

Lisa Rodrigues 


Carole Perry

Jim Hill

Ann Jeffre


Our Models

Morticia – Kirstyn Perry

Gomez – Roy Powell

Wednesday Addams – Brooklyn Garrett

Lurch – Bill Holmer

Fester – Kyle Donovan

The Bride – Lucy Formosa-Mort

The Groom – Heath Garrett

The Bridesmaid –  Amber Formosa-Mort

Grandma – Ann Jeffre


Michaela Hannan – Gomez and Fester

Kirstyn Garrett – Lurch and Wednesday


Wednesday and Bridesmaid costumes by Deanne Holmer

Fester costume by Bevlea Ross

Wedding Dress by Maggie Soterro


Carole Perry


Thankyou to Julie, Lisa and Suzanne who also contributed to the prop stash


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  1. Lisa November 11, 2017 at 3:44 pm #

    Great write-up of the shoot Bev. Love the photos. Thanks for letting me join in. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next one 🙂

  2. Glenda November 11, 2017 at 5:44 pm #

    Great work from you all. GF your’e the best. I want to move back to Melbourne now to join the fun.

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