Light Painting with Urban Explorers

Just after christmas I admired a location shared on a FB page and asked privately where it was as I thought it would be a great lightpainting location….. the reply, while polite was a firm “an urban explorer never divulges a location.. however if you keep it a secret and include us we will tell you”…  A meetup was arranged at a coffee shop to ‘suss’ each other out… we must have passed as they then took us to the location and a shoot was planned for the following week.

Getting there was easy enough…. though you had to accept wet feet to access the location…

Wet feet required

checking out the location

Our location… it rained the night before our first look

Skipping ahead a week….. we had watched the weather carefully for the next week, and with no rain for the past few days, the night was on! It was a lovely warm night… no rain on the horizon…. which was a good thing.. didn’t want to be floating downstream if it started raining!  Thankyou to Bill and Deanne Holmer from Melbourne Light Painting and Mark and David for sharing their location with us…

(click the image to view larger)

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