Return To The Great Ocean Road – Pt 1

The Great Ocean Road is one of my favourite road trip destinations… loads to stop and see along the way, great lunch spots, and very, very, changeable weather.  We have had  sunny, hazy days, cloudy overcast days, rainy days… one glorious sunny, windless day… hence we have been several times over the last few months chasing the elusive sunrise and sunset. 

Looking towards Split Point Lighthouse

Redwood Forest

Determined to get that ever elusive sunrise/sunset we travelled down the GOR in December, January and again in February…

Redwood Forest Otway Ranges

Heading down in December we stopped off at the Redwood Forest in the Otway Ranges.  Beautiful Californian Sequoia Trees planted along the Aire River back in 1939 now rise majestically up to a canopy towering above your head… the ground is covered with rusty red leaf litter… it’s a stunning, serene place to walk in, hushed and silent like a cathedral of trees.  At the back the Aire River meanders through, lined with tree ferns, it cascades across rocks and under fallen logs. Its vibe is definitely other worldly… you almost expect to see Frodo or Gandalf come walking out….


Leaving the redwood we skipped Apollo Bay and headed towards Princetown.. being the height of the christmas period the coast road was packed with tourists so we had decided to stay a bit further along at Peterborough…. passing the Twelve Apostles the roads were lined with barriers to stop parking on the side of the road… LED signs in both chinese and australian… and gazillions of people swarming over the boardwalks and lookouts.. .staying further along was looking like a great plan….

Bay of Martyrs

While we arrived in sunshine.. next morning was very grey and overcast…. we had decided to try to beat the tourist buses by getting out early… it was nice and quiet… just a couple of others out not cold, but overcast and windy, not the best weather….


……………skipping ahead a month we went back in January… this time the sun was well and truly shining as we headed down…

Traffic was terrible

revisited all our stops that we did in December, as well as taking in Lorne…..but this in lovely sunshine with blue skies

Teddys Lookout Lorne

We were staying at Princetown itself this time.. sleepy little place.. tavern (with great food) accom (very basic) and a general store that keeps surprisingly short trading hours.. had dinner at the tavern (great food) and then went to the twelve apostles for sunset… wasnt bad… but still not a box ticked.  Got back to the carpark well after dark and headed back to our accom… 9pm and everything was closed….sleepy little place.. accom (very basic) and a general store that keeps surprisingly short trading hours…

We were up for a sunrise next morning at 5am… and should have stayed in bed… we were definitely out of luck or over optimistic.. but going on the cars at the carpark, we weren’t the only ones

No sunrise today!

Misty roads heading to Apollo Bay

ahhh well… there’s always February

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