Melbourne Zoo and The Carnivores Trail

In December 2017 Melbourne Zoo opened a new exhibit – the Carnivores Trail… housing the Lions, Sumatran Tiger, Tasmanian Devil, African Painted Dog and Snow Leopard.  Having been the to zoo many times and failed to get a ‘shot’ of the tiger (as he always seemed to be hiding at the back of his old enclosure) I decided another trip was in order.

On the day we visited the Lions weren’t on display as they were adding new tree trunks for them to climb on.  Considering we visited in February and the ‘Trail’ had only been opened for around 7 weeks, it was disappointing and poor planning on the zoo’s part.  Another disappointment was the trail wasnt circular like the map handed out at the entrance, as once past the invisible snow leopards the trail was blocked and a sign told us to retrace our steps.  It seems the trail was open to the public – but certainly not finished.

The snow leopards have mythical status as when we visited they were not to be seen… and a fellow photographer had visited 5 times since the opening of the new trail and not seem them once.  The new Tiger enclosure is excellent though and we were lucky to see him wading back and forth in the water for a good ten minutes.

Sumatran Tiger

From the Carnivores Trail we headed off to Lemur Island… not actually an island but a fully enclosed walk through exhibit where the Ring-Tailed Lemurs swan around relaxing and observing the visitors…


Lemur Island leads to the Gorilla Rainforest…. among the Western Lowland Gorilla’s and other animals it’s also home to the tree-tops apes and monkeys.

Kanzi with her mother Kimya

White Cheeked Gibbon


From the Gorilla Rainforest we headed to the Butterfly Enclosure.. one of my favourite exhibits at the zoo…. hundreds of butterflies fluttering around and landing on people

Ulysses Butterfly

Lesser Wanderer

Monarch Butterfly – also known as Wanderer

Adult Male Common Eggfly


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