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Melbourne Zoo and The Carnivores Trail

In December 2017 Melbourne Zoo opened a new exhibit – the Carnivores Trail… housing the Lions, Sumatran Tiger, Tasmanian Devil, African Painted Dog and Snow Leopard.  Having been the to zoo many times and failed […]

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Return To The Great Ocean Road Pt 2

Take 3 Our third trip in February was a lot more promising weather wise… we had glorious sunny days with blue skies and light winds.. but again.. no sunset or sunrise as the clouds moved […]

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Return To The Great Ocean Road – Pt 1

The Great Ocean Road is one of my favourite road trip destinations… loads to stop and see along the way, great lunch spots, and very, very, changeable weather.  We have had  sunny, hazy days, cloudy […]

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Light Painting with Urban Explorers

Just after christmas I admired a location shared on a FB page and asked privately where it was as I thought it would be a great lightpainting location….. the reply, while polite was a firm […]

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The Addams Family Shoot

Following on from earlier themed shoots I took part in, we decided to run one of our own… but what theme?  We had several ideas in mind,  but inspiration came one night when I was […]

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Byron Bay And The Crystal Castle

It was our last full day in Queensland before heading home next day, and we decided to drive down to Byron Bay and see the lighthouse, and visit the Crystal Castle.  Set in the hinterlands […]

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Seaworld and Whale Watching

Another epiphany we came across in Queensland is morning comes SOOOO early.  Like around 4.30am.  We’d wake up in bright daylight thinking OMG  slept in.. .check the watch.. nope.. its 4.45am!  Queenslanders say they don’t […]

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Queenslands Gold Coast

After four days and nights up in the Hinterlands of Mt Tamborine we finally arrived back in the hustle and bustle of the city.  We had booked an apartment in Surfers Paradise between the sea […]

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Springbrook National Park – Day 5

Murphys Law was running true to form as we’d had four days of misty, cloudy mornings up at O’Reillys.. and the day we left to head to the Natural Bridge it was blue skies and […]

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O’Reillys & Lamington National Park Day 4

“The rescue of survivors of the Stinson plane crash 80 years ago was an iconic moment in Australian history, but the man behind the feat never felt he was a hero” Damien Larkins, ABC News. […]

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O’Reillys & Lamington National Park Day 3

With Carole on crutches today we did a more sedate 4WD trip this morning with Matt to Moonlight Crag and then to Lukes Farm for damper and billy tea.  Matt kept an interesting and informative […]

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O’Reillys & Lamington National Park Pt 2

“I realized something on the ride. I realized if I wait until I’m not scared to try new things, then I’ll never get to try them at all.” ― Marie Sexton, Between Sinners and Saints […]

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