Princes Pier, Port Melbourne

Princes Pier in Port Melbourne is a heritage listed structure, adjacent to Station Pier.  It was originally named New Railway Pier, due to the railway lines down the centre, connecting it to the Port Melbourne […]

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Creamy, Dreamy Bokeh And How To Get It

          Bokeh is that magical, dreamy, creamy blur that isolates the subject from background.  Translated from japanese the language it means “blur” and is pronounced BOH-ka or BOH-kay.  While out of […]

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Understanding Aperture – The Basics

Aperture is one of the main components of photography, and forms part of the exposure triangle.. namely aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed. Depending on the aperture used, you can either have everything in focus, or […]

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Crystal Ball Photography

Crystal Balls in photography have become extremely popular.  Due the shape of the ball, its refractive – meaning anything viewed through it is reversed and it gives you a fish eye effect, without a fish […]

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Following The Silo Art Trail

The Silo Art Trail is planned to be 200km long and lies within the Wimmera Mallee Region.  A large, flat region in the North West of Victoria, that is regarded as the agricultural heart of […]

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Birds and the Western Treatment Plant

Back in March I took a trip down to Lake Borrie at the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee.  Its reputed to have ‘tens of thousands’ of birds attracted to its wetlands and lagoons.   While I […]

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Tropical North Queensland

One of my favourite places on earth is Tropical North Queensland. Actually, correction, its my most favourite place.  Its warm, usually sunny, the people are beyond anyones yardstick for friendly, and the lifestyle is so […]

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Black Saturday – From The Ashes

Following weeks of drought, and extreme heat, Victoria was a tinderbox waiting for the match to fall.  The devastating bushfires that swept across Victoria on Feb 7th 2009, now famously known by all as Black […]

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Fine Art Nude

What is Fine Art Nude? It is a genre of photography, depicting the human body, with the emphasis on compositional and aesthetic qualities. Erotica, while sometimes present, is a secondary result. It’s shape, form, lights […]

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One of the benefits of being in a camera or photography group, is strength of numbers.  Numbers that allow us to book or attend events, not normally open to the public.  Hence our Reptiles day. […]

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A Bird In The Hand

………is much easier to photograph than in flight. Along with a posse of photographers  we headed up road to Garibaldi (just a hop, skip and a jump from Ballarat).  We had planned a private shoot […]

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Warburton Jam

Being a card-carrying introvert (not same as shy or reclusive)  I do not make friends quickly or easily, and need my space and quiet times.  I have often joked you could hold my wake in […]

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