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Light Painting with Urban Explorers

Just after christmas I admired a location shared on a FB page and asked privately where it was as I thought it would be a great lightpainting location….. the reply, while polite was a firm […]

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Warburton Jam

Being a card-carrying introvert (not same as shy or reclusive)  I do not make friends quickly or easily, and need my space and quiet times.  I have often joked you could hold my wake in […]

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Bradmill Factory and Lightpainting

After the first highly successful, and totally fun light painting evening in August another one was scheduled for October. The old Bradmill Factory in Yarraville, has been sold to a chinese developer for $160m.  Its […]

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Light Painting

Light Painting had been on my list of “awesome things I must do” ever since I saw of photograph of someone twirling flaming steel wool.  Last night, in an old disused factory, and guided by […]

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