Lighthouses of Australia

Lighthouses of Australia…

In simple terms a lighthouse is a tower or structure that emits a light, and is used as a navigation beacon for shipping at sea.

They dot treacherous coastlines, dangerous reefs and safeguard entrances  to harbors and assist with aerial navigation.  Originally the lamp lenses were made from crystal, making them extremely expensive to maintain.  In Cape Otway alone, the lenses were worth $5 MILLION.

With the passage of time, upkeep and maintenance proved cost prohibitive and many were decommissioned.  Most of the lighthouses of Australia, still in service now run on solar power and are unmanned.

The Split Point Lighthouse, or the White Queen‘ as she is affectionately known is a welcome sight for ships that have rounded Cape Otway.  Overlooking Eagle Rock the lighthouse is not only a beacon to seafarers but also to travellers on the Great Ocean Road.  She also has the fame of being the lighthouse featured in the TV show ‘Around The Twist’

The days of the solitary lighthouse keeper, running up and down the stone steps at night to light the lamp are long gone.

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