Outback NSW

Outback NSW (also known as The Far West region of New South Wales, refers generally to a fairly flat and low lying area in the west part of the state.

The area is too dry to support grain crops or other intensive pastoral practices. Some of the most remote areas  are Lightning Ridge, Broken Hill, Silverton and Corner Country.

Outback NSW is covered by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, based in Broken Hill. Just out of Broken Hill are the impressive Living Desert Sculptures in the Living Desert Reserve and the vast Mungo National Park.   Its the birth place of  BHP Billiton.  And it has the distinct advantage of being very accessible to 2wd cars. By car Broken Hill is nine hours from Melbourne, 13 hours from Sydney, and a lifetime away from ‘the city’

Only half an hour out of Broken Hill is Silverton.  A truly unique part of Australia.  On the Mungo plain the land is so flat you can see the curvature of the earth.  Against this dry, flat barren backdrop is an old almost abandonded silver town.  With a permanent residence of only about 50 people it serves as a tiny oasis.  Stop in at the pub for cold beer…. its busy day and night.  And at night.. the stars come out.. a twinkling firmament over the vast outback regions of Australia


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