Plant Kingdom

The Plant Kingdom: Organisims that make their own food and do not actively move around

Unlike the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom is split into five divisions.  These are:  Magnoliophyta: Flowering plants,  Coniferophyta: plants that bear cones, Pteridophyta: plants that have roots and stems but no flowers or seeds (e.g. ferns), Pteridophyta: plants that have very small leaves and stems, no roots or flowers, Lycopodiophyta: small plants with green branched stems, scale like leaves and no flowers.

“In the rain forest, no niche lies unused. No emptiness goes unfilled. No gasp of sunlight goes untrapped. In a million vest pockets, a million life-forms quietly tick. No other place on earth feels so lush. Sometimes we picture it as an echo of the original Garden of Eden—a realm ancient, serene, and fertile, where pythons slither and jaguars lope. But it is mainly a world of cunning and savage trees. Truant plants will not survive. The meek inherit nothing. Light is a thick yellow vitamin they would kill for, and they do. One of the first truths one learns in the rain forest is that there is nothing fainthearted or wimpy about plants.”

Diane Ackerman, The Rarest of the Rare: Vanishing Animals, Timeless Worlds

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