Street Photography

Street Photography is a candid  style of photography, documenting the spontaneous and sometimes routine events of  everyday life, holding a mirror to unaware subjects and freezing that moment in time.

I had dabbled in street photography, but after seeing images taken by Vivian Maier it inspired me to get into the genre more.  Vivian was an American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction, who settled in New York working as a nanny in the ’50s and ’60s, and taking street photography images in her spare time.  When she passed away she left behind around 100,000, medium format negatives, plus 20-30,000 negatives on undeveloped film.  Images that lay undiscovered until John Maloof found it at an auction clearance house in 2007, where it was being sold because her storage locker payments had lapsed.  John bought two boxes, sight unseen, not even knowing what street photography was, or even being a photographer himself  for $400.

In 2008 Vivian fell on a patch of ice and hit her head in downtown Chicago.  Although she was expected to make a full recovery, her health began to deteriorate, forcing Vivian into a nursing home. She passed away a short time later in April of 2009, leaving behind her immense archive of work.




At its very essence street photography is capturing life without interrupting it.  Benjamin Lowy

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