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Seaworld and Whale Watching

Another epiphany we came across in Queensland is morning comes SOOOO early.  Like around 4.30am.  We’d wake up in bright daylight thinking OMG  slept in.. .check the watch.. nope.. its 4.45am!  Queenslanders say they don’t […]

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Rambling The Outback – Day 5 Mungo to Swan Hill

After a very comfortable nights sleep in the big king sized beds at Mungo Lodge I was up around 5.30 and out the door just after six… along with Lisa and Amy we jumped in […]

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Princes Pier, Port Melbourne

Princes Pier in Port Melbourne is a heritage listed structure, adjacent to Station Pier.  It was originally named New Railway Pier, due to the railway lines down the centre, connecting it to the Port Melbourne […]

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Tropical North Queensland

One of my favourite places on earth is Tropical North Queensland. Actually, correction, its my most favourite place.  Its warm, usually sunny, the people are beyond anyones yardstick for friendly, and the lifestyle is so […]

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Apollo Bay & Otway Ranges

Midway along the Great Ocean Road is the seaside town of Apollo Bay. With the lush green slopes of the Otway Ranges at her back, and the blue seas of Cape Otway at her feet, […]

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The Great Alpine Way

The Great Alpine Road (also known as The Great Alpine Way)  is a road stretching from Wangaratta in the North-East to the Gippsland Lakes at Metung.  Its Australia’s highest, all year round road sealed road (with […]

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The Best Laid Plans

As the saying goes, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray’.  Add photographers to that too. A large group of us from Melbourne Photography Excursions headed down to Princes Pier and […]

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Sail and Rail

I had a birthday coming up and chose the Steamrail Victoria excursion to Geelong as my day out.  Our sail and rail day started early… we were sailing to Geelong aboard the Victoria Star and […]

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Shipwrecks of Homebush Bay

The Shipwrecks and Wetlands of Homebush Bay are a stunning credit to reclamation and beautification old industrial locations, with paths, cycle tracks, wetlands and of course, the shipwrecks. Situated on the south bank of the […]

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The Battle, Woolongong Harbour

The Battle, Woolongong Harbour: September 7th: 13:15hrs A life and death battle was taking place out on the water of Woolongong Harbour.  People strolled along the promenades, sat and sipped chilled wine in the noon […]

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Eden Whale Watching

Day Three of our South Coast road trip brought us to the highlight (for me) of our trip, and the main reason we were in Eden – the Eden Whale Watching  cruise on Twofold Bay. […]

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Glasshouse Rocks Narooma to Eden

Day Two of our Sapphire Coast road trip along the South Coast of NSW  took us from Glasshouse Rocks, Narooma to Eden. After doing three abandoned locations the day before, we were now up early […]

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