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Seaworld and Whale Watching

Another epiphany we came across in Queensland is morning comes SOOOO early.  Like around 4.30am.  We’d wake up in bright daylight thinking OMG  slept in.. .check the watch.. nope.. its 4.45am!  Queenslanders say they don’t […]

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Rambling The Outback – Day 5 Mungo to Swan Hill

After a very comfortable nights sleep in the big king sized beds at Mungo Lodge I was up around 5.30 and out the door just after six… along with Lisa and Amy we jumped in […]

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The Best Laid Plans

As the saying goes, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray’.  Add photographers to that too. A large group of us from Melbourne Photography Excursions headed down to Princes Pier and […]

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Sail and Rail

I had a birthday coming up and chose the Steamrail Victoria excursion to Geelong as my day out.  Our sail and rail day started early… we were sailing to Geelong aboard the Victoria Star and […]

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