a cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a precipice or steep incline

synonyms: cascade, cataract, shower, torrent, outpouring, white water, chute


Alongside the decaying abandoned locations my second, (equal) great love is waterfalls.  I will drive miles to see one, and when going on a trip I research and hunt for any waterfalls along our route.

 Some waterfalls have no base access.. and while this does save my legs its not my favourite POV for waterfalls,  I much prefer to photograph from the base of the falls as opposed to a lookout at the top.
  • Erskine Falls  in Lorne is a strenous 320 steps up and down (the count may be a step or two off as I was near collapse by the time I got back up).
  • Ellinjaa Falls is on the waterfall circuit on the Artherton Tablelands and is a easy walk in through the rainforest
  • Josephine Falls, on the Josephine Creek FNQ, is a beautiful 700m walk in through rainforest to the base of the falls.
  •  Milla Milla, also on waterfall circuit on tablelands is about 50 ft from the carpark (which on this grounds alone moved it to the top of my list).
  •  Agnes Falls  in Toora Vic is also very close to the carpark and just a slight walk downhill.  You cant get to the bottom but the lookout is below the precipice.
  • Broken Falls in the Grampians is another easy walk, just near the kiosk alongside McKenzie Falls.  Which I have not been to the bottom of.. you can go down, but its a LONG way down.  With signs warning to only take the descent if you were fit, so with Erskine Falls fresh in my memory, I chickened out
  • Hopetoun Falls,  near Beech Forest in the Otways is a nice walk in,
  • Triplet Falls, also near Beech Forest  has three falls that cascade over a lush rainforest into the valley. There isnt always three streams flowing as its depending on rainfall, but it seems that most of the time there are at least two (and it rains a lot in the otways)
  • Trentham Falls lookout is only 70 meters from the carpark.  There is a goat track down to the base with signs posted not to use it, but no one was paying attention to the sign the I was there.
  • Hopkins Falls is near Warnambool.. Its handy to the carpark, but the base of the falls is on private property.  You are allowed to access it, just respect that you are on private land
  • Woolshed Falls, Beechworth.  Spectactular after heavy rain, but flowing well when we visited in August.  Take the Scenic Gorge Road and you pass first the cascades that are fed by the falls, then the falls itself at the end of the drive…both easily photographed from the road, first one easy to get down to, second one not accessible from the base

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